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tv   News 4 at 6  NBC  December 6, 2009 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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he whistle. >> sam: we're back live. garrett hartley goes for the win again. sealed it for the new orleans sanlts and the skins know, it was so close. but for the saints, despite being outplayed for nearly four quarters it was perfection salvaged. good sunday to you. i'm craig melvin. the red since have lost a lot this year and this game had the potential to be a tough-to-watch blow-out. it was not. today the skins looked really good virtually the entire game but in the season already had its share of heart-wrenching losses. lindsay czarniak is slooif at fedex in the locker room. i can only imagine what the mood was like there tonight? >> you said it.
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that's what jim zorn said. this was the worst loss. forget about the loss to dallas. they were devastated. part of the reason is obviously, the redskins, again, fought very ha. a lot of the players saying this is the whackiest game they've ever been a part of. the saints came back to tie this three times. the redskins were in it until the end. they never trailed until the final score. it was another good opportunity gone wasted. here's the highlights. starting the game in overtime with the game tied at 30. the redskins win the toss. things looking good. look here. from their own 36 yd line jason campbell throws it to mike sellers and he gets upended by chris mccallister. new orleans recovers. initially that one is rules seller's down. after further review, they overturn it and it's the saints' ball. new rule in the nfl and you can do that so mike sellers creating a point pore their team. new orleans drives down the field and set up a 18-yard field
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goal for garrett hartley and the saints come back to beat the redskins 33-30. another heart-breaking loss for jim zorn. >> we put points on the board. we had over 300 yards passing. we really connected on a lot of things. but they did as well and they took it to us like we took it to them. it was a great game. it just feels awful to stand up here and be the losing head coach again. >> the redskins fall to the new orleans saints who now remain undefeated. much more about this game coming up in sports. >> all right, at fedex for us. thank you. president obama made a rare sunday visit to capitol hill this afternoon. he gave senate democrats a pep talk on health care reform. democrats remain the divided on key components of the health care bill. mr. obama urged them to come together to finish legislation. the meeting lasted about 45 minutes and, again, the president encouraged his party's
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lawmakers to make history. >> still a few things we have to work out in the bill but issues are being narrowed as we speak. 10, 20, 30, 40 years from now, people will look back at what this congress did. >> they crafted a fwhal has virtually no appeal to any republican. so they're left with trying to get every one of their ducks in a row. >> senate majority leader harry reid saying he hopes to finish the ten-year nearly trillion-dollar bill by christmas. democrat also need every one of their 60 votes to pass the measure. back here, police in prince georges county got a disturbing call. a pregnant woman brutally stabbed and frantically running away from a man with a knife. it yesterday. derrick ward is slooif from the area with more. derrick? >> reporter: craig, police aren't saying a lot about this incident. it's still under investigation. we know that the events that unfolded in the parking lot of an apartment complex in temple
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hills earlier today are both bizarre and troubling. prince george's county police got the call before 9:00 this morning in silver park drive in temple hill. >> we had a report of a man chasing a woman with a knife. >> police arrived and found the victim. >> a pregnant woman in her third trimester had been cut. >> the police began their investigation and the unusual case began to open up early. >> this is not a random event. do believe that the suspect and the victim did have a relationship. we're not sure what kind of relationship that was. >> reporter: investigators are also exploring the possibility that a relationship may have evolved into an abduction. the victim remains hospitalized. >> she's been through surgery and she's listed currently in critical condition. >> reporter: now authorities are not releasing the name of the victim. they do say, however, that they do not believe she lived at this apartment complex. police aren't releasing a lot in the way of suspect descriptions
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but saying they are looking for a man and a woman, back to you. >> derrick, thank you. we're following new details on a developing story in baltimore tonight. attempted murder charges are pending after a shooting at a downtown hotel there. itappened at the shereton baltimore city center hotel. investigators say a fight erupted early this morning during a birthday party in two adjoining hotel roomless police say 19-year-old raymond woodland shot 19-year-old marquis johnson in the face. after the shooting, other people at the party held woodland down and severely beat him. both woodland and johnson are in serious condition tonight. a manhunt is under way for a person accused of setting a frederick, maryland, man on fire yesterday. police say 26-year-old joshua mashburn went to the home of an akwans answer the, dowsed gasoline on him and ignited him. it happened in the morning yesterday. the investigators say mashbu then tried to burn down the
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house as well. mashburn fled in a 1994 burgundy plymouth voyager van. that van has maryland license plate 72167 on your screen. and the investigators believe that mashburn was also burned during the attack. the victim is in critical condition tonight. several homes were evacuated in northwest washington this morning. a two alarm fire broke out around 1:30 in a rowhouse in the 1300 block of oak street taking 95 firefighters an hour to get the fire under control. icy conditions also made fighting that fire even more of a challenge. one firefighter was hurt. he was taken to a local hospital. no other folks were hurt but three people were displaced. cause of the fire is still under investigation tonight. president obama's at the kennedy center right now for a star-studded night there. it's the kennedy center honors bruce springsteen, robert deanywhere ro and medical brooks
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are all among the celebrities to be honored. the list of performers say secret '. last night secretary of state hillary clinton hosted a dinner whose guest list at merrill is streep and jon stewart. and a warning to parents, one of the hottest toys of the holiday season could b a real danger to your kids. we'll tell you about it. plus -- one of tiger's alleged mistresses now telling her story. we're going to hear what she has to say about what happened when he met her at a floor restaurant. and washington thaws out. after yesterday's big snowfall that caused some hazardous conditions on d.c. roads. chuck, how's the workweek forecast shapg up. >> i'm optimistic we'll start dry. all eyes are on tuesday night and wednesday morning. i'll have the
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a consumer group is warning parents about one of the hottest toys of the season. good guide said that those robotic zhu zhu pet hamsters are unsafe. there's a higher than aloud level of a harmful product. they got a 5.2 rating on a 10-point scale. the toy maker insists the product is safe and has passed rigorous testing. the consumer product safety commission is conducting their own investigation. another woman says she had an affair with tiger woods and if you're keeping score at home, it's at least the fifth woman in
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ten days to come forward. mindy lawton, now claims she had an affair with the golf great. waitress tells the british tabloid the affair with woods happened while the golfer's wife was pregnant. lawton said the two met when she managed a restaurant in florida. she says the golfer took her to his house. >> things got hot and steamy and i found out approxitely a month after we ended the thing that his wife was having a baby. >> how did you feel? >> i felt used and abused, actually. >> the 34 year old says she met woods in may of 2006 and continued to see him for about a year. we should note that the segment we just show you'd was one of the cleaner segment nls that clip. up next, the first snow of the season caused some major problems on the roads overnight and today, the cleanup crews are out in full force. and now it looks more like
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winter weather could be headed our way.
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yesterday's snowfall kt plenty of people busy today. the d.o.t. work crews kept the roadways safe while people across the area cleaned their cars and then their yas. elaine has that story for us tonight. >> reporter: what a difference a day makes. >> i like it.
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>> for northern virginiaians, a day of rest meant opposite. shoveling, clearing and scraping away the snow. >> there's still a lot of snow out here. i feel like we got five or six inches at least and it's really wet so my concern is it's going to keep freezing and people will slip on the ice. >> reporter: fairfax county got cored with big, cold flakes on saturday. it was nonstop. some areas got up to four inches of the white stuff. overnight and early this morning, v d.o.t. has 700 trucks blanketing northern virginia to keep the roads safe and clear. >> black ice still caused problem into sunday. montgomery county police suspect it may have been the culprit in this two-car accident in silver spring. by mid morning sunlight dried the streets and melted the snow, except on some cars that hadn't moved since friday. >> i just stayed inside all day yesterday. so i was really surprised to come out and see this much
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covering. >> reporter: in northern virginia elaine reyus, news4. >> we saw snow and ice yesterday and today the comes back. >> and we had a nice breeze for much of the day. that helps to dry the pavement off very effectively. tomorrow morning, no major concerns of black ice tomorrow morning. doesn't hurt your cause to be a little careful just because but nonetheless, no major troubles for monday or tuesday. wednesday morning, i'm keeping an eye on. outside right now an absolutely chilly sunday night with high clouds rolling in overhead. these are not rain making clouds so we don't have anything to worry about in the way of precipitation in the overnight hours and i think the next two days look dry. 39 was the high this afternoon. after a start of 30 this morning, that's the first time national airport has been below freezing this winter season. and our 39-degree high today made it our coldest day since
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'38, back on march 4th for a high. temperatures right now on their way down. dry air and light winds and even though we have high clouds out there, still a pretty good amount of radiational cooling going on so temperatures already below freezing in most of the burn suburbs. 29 in fairfax. 28 in culpepper. 28 in martinsburg and winchester. so, yes, if you have any snow left on the ground you'll be in the upper teens to near 20 degrees tomorrow morning. in town and right up alongside the bay, mid to high 20s for tomorrow morning. the cold air down to the deep south. here's the other half of the forecast. dew point temperatures in the teens to near 20. as a result, the clearer the skies are with the light wind out there, temperatures will drop very close to the dew point, especially where there's snow covered for overnight tonight and early tomorrow morning. a lot of high clouds coming in. we'll start the work and school week off dry with high pressure in charge. as the area of high pressure
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work its way up the even seaboard a couple of cold nights. lots of filtered sunshine with the high, thin deck of sirius clouds overhead. as the air slides up to portions of new york and new england we get a northeasterly wind and that's cold air damming. dammed aup long the front range of the appalachians. and moisture riding on top of cold air, wednesday-morning setup in the form of rain along the i-95 corridor. once you get into the shshenand valley, ice in the high spots west of us and into the shenandoah valley for wednesday morning. not expecting major problems here in washington but it's a forecast that needs to be wahed carefully. tonight, high clouds and cold out there. temperatures tumbling now out of the '30s and into the upper 20s so when you we up tomorrow morning, near 20 in the western suburbs to 30 in town. the seven-day forecast calls for a dry start to work and school
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with high temperatures back up into the mid 40s for monday and for tuesday. wednesday morning, between midnight wednesday morning and sunrise wednesday morning, we'll have to watch them one very, very carefully as we may have an icy mixespecial lip in high spots west of town. up next in sports, the redskins were on the brink of handing the saints their first loss of the season. but the skins jus couldn't
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of tall game this is season that have been tough to watch if you're a redskins' fan, this, hands down, was the toughest. lindsay czarniak is live in the locker room. >> it was the toughest. and every player i talked to after this game in the locker room said that was the whack request game they've ever been a part of. if you or anyone out there said you believed the redskins could score 30 points against the undefeated saints, i think people would have told you you were crazy. they put in a valiant, hard-fought effort but, again, they couldn't finish. what ended up happening, a loss to the undefeated new orleans saints. former coordinator, gregg williams saying hello to london fletcher. the redskins opening possession. jason campbell working out of the shotgun. he was show smooth today. fred dave us in for the 8-yard
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touch down. the skins were up by 7. second quarter, game tied at 10. they connected three first downs in the first drive alone. campbell play action to devan thomas puts the skins up 17-10. we go to the ten suing saints possession. drew brees pump dab-fakes, buys some more time. brees avoids the rush and throws over the middle. number 41, kareem moore picks it off. he thinks, i got to extend the play but watch closely. robert meachum strips the ball and goes the other way and takes it 44 yard for the touchdown. meachum had a differe day and he tied it at half, 17-all. third quarter, redskins lead at 20-17. the saints go for it on fourth and one. mike bell gets the handoff and the redskins, a valiant defensive effort. he's short on the first down and it's a huge ska for the redskins defense. campbell drops back and he looks
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so steady, he said he felt like he was clicking on all cylinders. and then devan thomas gets the 40--yard gainer. and then jason campbell goless to devan thomas. devan thomas strips three tackles and tight-rope walks his way for the score and -- he had a career day with 100 yards receiving. two touchdowns with the skins on top, 27-17. under two minutes to go and the redskins lead, 30-23. shaun is on from 23 yard out and no problem. he makes them all the time. oh, no. wide right. sucks the air out of fedex field. the redskins had a chance to seal the game with you the saints now get another opportunity. and they take advantage. drew brees proving just how good he really is. he's got plenty of time. he steps up in the pocket and throws a strike to robert meachum and cruises 50 yards for the game-tying touchdn. the game is tied at 30 so we go to overtime. in overtime, the redskins win the toss from their own 36 rds.
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jason campbell play action throws to sellers in the flat and gets up-ended by chris mccallister. then the ball pops up and people don't know what's happening at this point. new orleans recovers it initially it had been ruled the sellers was down. after further review they overturn the play and the saints get the ball back. then we've got issues. the redskins know they've got to make something happen. they're dejected an trying to make it work. new orleans drives down the field and sets up the field goal from garrett hartley and he doesn't miss. saints knock off the redskins, 33-30. another very tough loss for the skins. dan hellie has more. >> the redskins best performance of the year ended on a familiar note, a sour one. despite never trailing in regulation, the redskins once again, find a way to fall. >> i feel like we've been robbed for something we should have had. we just didn't finish at the end. to me we didn't have a great day. we had a good day.
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great would be finishing and scoring them drives. we should have been hitting those field goals and scores. >> we went toe-to-toe with the best team in the nfl and, i guess -- some say it's a knockout but it's a decision. i think they'll remember the redskins and this wast a cakewalk. i heard people say, oh as long as you keep it close it will be a moral victory. i think, a victory is we win it, you know? not keeping it close. >> it's the most disheartening loss for you guys? >> bar far, this team riding high and we almost take them down and taking it to the end, it's bad. like i said, they earned the win so they won. >> it's disappointing. >> you felt like you had it? >> i mean, you got to play for 60 minutes. the past couple of weeks we definitely have known you got to play for 60 minutes. it doesn't matter what you do up to that point you got to play for 60 minutes. >> playing one of the best teams
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in the league and we played them toe-to-toe and we had them in the palm of our hands but somehow, somehow, they came out with the win. i sti don't know how. but they won and we lost. >> so the redskins are now 3- on the season bun they do reach the 30-point plateau for the first time in two seasons under jim zorn as the offense continues to improve. the next step? actually winning a football game, which could be a realistic possibility in oakland next sunday. that will do it from here on the field. lindsay, back to you in the locker room. >> thanks, dan. another frustrated team today. the atlanta falcons who were beaten badly by the eagles. going back to the field, michael vick was in control leading the eagles on to the field. you think he was described? you got it. vick and a quarterback takes the snap and gets into the end zone for five yards out. his firstouchdown in more than three years, the last one? october 16th, 2006. eagles up and fans in atlanta
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happy to have vick back in town. the fourth quarter, vick in control again. runs less. decides to throw right and goes for brent for the score and vick finishes with two touchdowns in the game. the eagles downed the falcons, 37-7. back inside the redskins locker room out at fedex field the redskins obviously devastated, frustrated. they know they shouldn't have lost this game after putting up the fight they did. >> lindsay, thank you so much. the nbc nightly news is up next. vikings and cardinals up
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